First Day

Have you ever lied???

I have…..

some lies can be good and some can be bad !

is it good to lie?

Well, that is my fear i am scared of lying some times i lie without even noticing that i lied.Complicated?! i know….

You might not know me and i might not know you but lets just say that we met and i am telling you just a little bit about my life just a little!

Lying is the most common mistake any body can ever make on their Big Day.

My big day was when i started Secondary school and i started to lie about my life which then gave me an idea in which to become famous? so people will love me in school and out !

But not famous that i had to go to america NO NO !! 🙂

i wanted people to love me all over social media, but what if a Bid Day arrives and i perhaps maybe? accidentally ????                LIE???

OMG!! the whole world will think im a bitch cuz i lied .

my reputation is ruined which is why i created this….

Its anonymous

i hope it will stay like that (temporarily);)

Please reply on my first post and tell me when was your big day and why you lied also tell me what should i talk about tomorrow or next week

bye !!

Jerany……. going offline xxxxx



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