Trouble !!! :”(


1 hour yepyyyyy!!!!!

I hate detention do you hate detention?

Its seriously this joyful moment when you finally enter-secondary school and then you start being a bad girl or boy !  (naughty naughty)  🙂

So today, 15/01/2016 friday it was lunch time and i was with my girlfriends 😉 then after i was hungry so i wanted to eat my lovely sun-bites crisps. But my school has some stupid rules on food?!

You cannot eat inside you can eat outside or downstairs  in the canteen!

simple ? thought so…

so i had my 4th period which means that my last lesson till i get home !!! YAHWEH

Then i was eating i and keeping an eye on any teacher because if i get caught i get a detention slip saying i have to come back to the hall and stay there for one hour :*(  YH U GUESSED I GOT CAUGHT!!!

So then i was literally  weeping for help or God to freeze the time and rewind it but i got a slip and had to go. Physically and mentally HAD TO GO. If i don’t  then i get a Saturday detention NO THANK U !!!

so the lesson went swiftly on and then my heart went pumping to the untuned beats.

(hum what do you mean chorus : that was the beats of my heart) L@ve JB going to his concert hopefully (fingers crossed)

i eventually left at 4:00p.m but you know  what its good to be a bad girl SOMETIMES!! 

so comment on my blog if you were that close of shitting your pants for a detention in the hall ‘if not PSHAW Ur brave

Jerany…….. going offline xxx





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